Hand Scrub

Remember when I said we were poor years ago? Well, being poor made gift giving rather difficult around the holidays so the kids and I started making gifts to give to friends and family. Those homemade gifts became quite the stir so we have continued it since those lean years long ago! The best part is, you are also making good memories for your kids to reminisce about! Score!! Besides, who doesn’t love being covered head to toe in flour? Wanna hear something funny? I always dust my hands on my butt so I walk around with flour hand prints on my booty! Aw yeah! I’m a dirty girl! Wait…. scratch that. Sorry!

Today I am bringing you a recipe for homemade hand scrub which is so simple, I’m almost ashamed! It calls for two, count ’em, TWO ingredients!! I’m also gonna show you some cheap and easy ways to package your hand scrub. Ready? Let’s do dis…..

Step one: Gather your ingredients. You will need sugar and Dawn dish soap for hands. That’s it! Ba-da-BING! And some kind of container.


Step two: Fill your container about 3/4 full with the sugar. I am using some little containers that I got from the Dollar Tree. You get two for a dollar! Not bad!

Step three: Fill your container the rest of the way with the dish soap and mix well. It will be light pink in color.


Step four: Put lid on, add hand towel, and decorate! Here’s where you can let your inner Martha out of her cage and get freaky with her bad self!! Yes, I will be showing you how I made these!

Ok, let’s start with the top left container. And I will give a complete cost breakdown at the end. Just promise not to make fun of my math skills! Pinky swear?! I used some wired red ribbon from the Dollar Tree and my ancient bow making skills that I learned from the florist back in 1996 at Food City in the Plaza. Everybody got that? Good! Start by taking a section of ribbon and wrapping it around the container and towel. Leave a tiny section to tie the bow on with.


Now, we need to make the bow! Start by making a loop. Now twist your ribbon and make a loop on the other side.

Make two more loops, remembering to twist the ribbon between loops. I’m not making a large bow here but if you want to make bigger bows, like the kind you see on wreaths, just keep adding loops until it’s as poofy as you want it!

Remember the little tails you left on the ribbon back on the container? Use those tails to tie your loops onto the container and tuck in the excess. Now you have a pretty little bow!

The two green containers were very easy so I didn’t take pictures when I made them but I will tell you how! The first one was made by using thin ribbon and simply tying a bow. The second one was made by using wired ribbon, threading an ornament through the ribbon, and tying a simple knot. I made the tails wavy with the help of the wire.

The last container was made by using regular and red colored raffia ribbon. I wrapped the raffia around the container, securing the towel, and making a simple knot with tails just like the red wired ribbon. We are also going to make loops just like with the red ribbon but without twisting.

Now, using a tiny piece of raffia, secure the center of the loops. Tie loops to the container using tails. Now before you fluff, take scissors and cut the loops. Now, you may fluff!

And there you have it!! Amazing hand scrub that is affordable, packaged cute, and smells delicious! Wanna see the cost? Trust me, you are gonna like it!! *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*

Ok, lets start with the soap. I used a store brand and it cost me $1.89 for a 24 oz. bottle. I used about 2/3 of the bottle which makes the cost of the soap, roughly, $1.26. The sugar is regular white sugar. A 5 lb. bag is $2.49. There is approximately 11 and 1/4 cups in a 5 lb. bag but I am going to round down to 11 cups to make it easier on my tired, old brain which makes the cost of the sugar $.23 per cup. I guess I used around 4 1/2 cups but I am going to round it up to 5 just to make sure I got it all and that makes the total cost of sugar used is $1.13. So the estimated cost of sugar and soap is $2.39. Now if I got this wrong, DON’T TELL ME!! Kidding! Please, let me know! Its been a while since I last used my brain!

The cost of the packaging is around $6.00. I am not going to add in the cost of the ribbon because it will drive me absolutely bonkers! $4.00 for the hand towels and $2.00 for the containers.

Grand total is (drum roll) $8.39 for 4 fabulous gifts for giving! Ta-DAAAA!! Thank you! Thank you! Please leave the extra money in my tip jar…. Now you can most certainly leave off the hand towels and save yourself $4.00. The containers are certainly cute on their own! You can also use pint sized mason jars. Tie them off with some raffia or add a small swatch of fabric on the top or both! The possibilities are endless!

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Tena Spearman
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 08:45:50

    I found something similar elsewhere and really found it helpful. Some more of this please! Thank you


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